Saramonic Blink Wireless Mic System Lightning Rec for iPhone
Saramonic Blink 100 B4 Ultra-Portable 2-Person Clip-On Wireless Mic System w/ Lightning Rec. for iPhone & iPad The Saramonic Blink 100 B4 is an incredibly easy-to-use and ultra-portable dual wireless 2.4GHz clip-on microphone system for iPhones and iPads with Lightning. Ideal for...
$200.00 $150.00
Saramonic BlinkMe B2 2.4GHz Wireless Smart Microphone with Touchscreen
The cutting-edge BlinkMe not only delivers unparalleled sound, but also serves as a platform for expressing creators' unique personality. Boasting a sleek touchscreen interface, customizable features, on-board recording, safety track, magnetic attachment, and a patented charging dock design, BlinkMe wireless...
$375.00 $260.00
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