ViewSonic VA3209-2K-MHD 32 inch 2K QHD Monitor With Built-In Speakers
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic VA3209-2K-MHD is a 32” 2K monitor featuring HDMI and DisplayPort inputs for business and home use. With a 32” display and 2560 X 1440 resolution that delivers larger and clearer images, the QHD monitor expands your productivity....
$400.00 $340.00
ViewSonic 23.8 inch VA2432-H - 1920X1080 - 16:9 4MS - VGA HDMI IN
Display Display Size (in.): 24 Visible Area (in.): 23.8 Panel Type: IPS Technology Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Resolution Type: FHD Static Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1 (typ) Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 50M:1 Source Light: LED Brightness: 250 cd/m² (typ) Colors: 16.7M Color Space Support: 8 bit (6 bit + Hi-FRC) Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Response Time...
$155.00 $140.00
ViewSonic 22 inch VA2223-H - 1080p - HDMI and VGA IN
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic VA2223-H is a cost-effective 22” Full HD monitor with HDMI and VGA input that is ideal for business or home usage. It features 1080p resolution which delivers stunning image quality and more detailed content. ViewSonic’s exclusive ViewMode...
$155.00 $110.00
ViewSonic 24 inch XG2405 - 1920x1080 1ms 144Hz IPS - HDMI IN
Display Display Size (in.): 24 Viewable Area (in.): 23.8 Panel Type: IPS Technology Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Resolution Type: FHD (Full HD) Static Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1 (typ) Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 80M:1 Light Source: LED Brightness: 250 cd/m² (typ) Colors: 16.7M Color Space Support: 8 bit (6 bit + Hi-FRC) Aspect Ratio: 16:9...
$245.00 $220.00
ViewSonic VX3219-PC-MHD 32 inch 240Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
Display Display Size (in.): 32 Viewable Area (in.): 31.5 Panel Type: VA Technology Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Resolution Type: FHD (Full HD) Static Contrast Ratio: 3,000:1 (typ) Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 80M:1 Light Source: LED Brightness: 300 cd/m² (typ) Colors: 16.7M Color Space Support: 8 bit (6 bit + FRC) Aspect Ratio: 16:9...
$550.00 $500.00
ViewSonic VP2768A 27" 2K Pantone validated 100% sRGB monitor with docking station design
Designed to deliver unmatched color accuracy crucial for professional applications, the ViewSonic VP2768a QHD monitor displays your work with the vivid and lifelike color it deserves. With Pantone validated 100% sRGB color coverage, this 2K monitor provides industry standard color...
$600.00 $550.00
ViewSonic VA2432-mhd 24” IPS Monitor Featuring Display Port, HDMI and Speakers
The ViewSonic VA2432-MHD is a 24” (23.8” viewable) Full HD Monitor with IPS technology and flexible connectivity for use in the office or at home. With SuperClear® IPS technology and Full HD resolution, images are clear and detailed from a...
$160.00 $140.00
ViewSonic TD2760 27" 10-point Touch Screen FHD Monitor
The ViewSonic TD2760 is an ideal solution for both commercial and consumer touch screen applications. With an intuitive 10-point multi-touch display and a full 1080p HD resolution, the 27-inch TD2760 delivers a versatile solution for use in the office or...
$850.00 $800.00
ViewSonic TD2455 24” Touch Monitor with USB Type-C Input and Advanced Ergonomics
With responsive in-cell touch technology and an advanced ergonomic design, the ViewSonic® TD2455 touch monitor delivers hands-on control for more productive workspaces and collaborative classrooms. With high-performance in-cell touch technology, this 24” (23.8” viewable) Full HD display provides smooth and...
$750.00 $685.00
ViewSonic TD2223 22” IR Touch FHD Monitor
The ViewSonic® TD2223 is a 22” IR touch display designed for intuitive multi-touch use. Infrared (IR) touchscreen can detect up to 10 points of contact compared to optical touchscreens and can be operated by a stylus, fingers and gloved hands....
$450.00 $370.00
ViewSonic TD1655 16” Touch Portable FHD Monitor
The ViewSonic TD1655 is a portable 16” Full HD monitor with 10-point multitouch capability designed for dual-screen productivity beyond the office. Extend your display from phone, tablet, or laptop to a larger screen for seamless multitasking, personalized one-on-one presentation, or...
$500.00 $450.00
ViewSonic VA3209-MH 32" FHD 75Hz Monitor with Built-In Speakers
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic VA3209-MH is a 32” Full HD monitor featuring HDMI and VGA inputs for business and home use. The optimal screen performance and comfortable viewing without tearing or stuttering is delivered through adaptive sync, eye-care technology, and various...
$350.00 $300.00
ViewSonic VP2785-4K - 27-inch 4K UHD AdobeRGB ColorPro™ IPS Monitor
OVERVIEW Covering 100% of the Adobe RGB color space and 96% DCI-P3, the ViewSonic® VP2785-4K Ultra HD monitor meets the high color standards of photographers, graphic designers, video editors, print departments, and other design professionals. With a sleek and modern...
$580.00 $510.00
Viewsonic VP2756-2K 27-inch - 2K QHD - 100% sRGB Pre-Calibrated Monitor
VP2756-2K 27" 2K QHD Pantone Validated 100% sRGB & Factory Pre-Calibrated Monitor with 60W USB-C Lifelike True Beauty: International color standard Pantone validated and 100% sRGB wide color gamut Precise Color: ColorPro Verified with pre-factory calibration for overwhelmed Delta E < 2 color...
$650.00 $535.00
ViewSonic VX2458-P-MHD 24-inch 144Hz 1ms Entertainment Monitor
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic VX2458-P-mhd provides a 144Hz refresh rate and 1m GtG response time to causal gamers and binge watchers. With 144Hz refresh rate that supports AMD FreeSync™ Premium, the monitor can deliver fluid, tear-free visuals. With 1ms response time,...
$300.00 $235.00
ViewSonic XG2703-GS 27-inch 165Hz Gaming Monitor
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic® XG2703-GS is the ideal display for hardcore gamers who always crank their graphics settings to Ultra, rendering every frame your GPU can output in breathtaking detail. Featuring an incredible 165Hz refresh rate*, as well as NVIDIA's G-Sync Technology,...
$450.00 $405.00
ViewSonic TD2230 22 inch Full HD 10-point Touch Screen Monitor
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic TD2230 is a 22” (21.5” viewable) Full HD display with 10-point projected capacitive touch and SuperClear® IPS panel, offering a responsive, intuitive touch experience with high-quality image performance at wide viewing angles for multi-user interactive environments. Users...
$500.00 $420.00
ViewSonic VX2728-2K 27 inch 2K 165Hz Fast IPS Gaming Monitor
OVERVIEW No matter how often you game or when you game, you always win with the Omni VX2728-2K . The triple certification of AMD FreeSync™ Premium, VESA Adaptive Sync, and VESA clearMR allows you to savor distortion-free gaming and enhanced...
$400.00 $360.00
ViewSonic VX2418C 24 inch 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
OVERVIEW The ViewSonic VX2418C features a crisp Full HD display paired with a hyper-responsive 165Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming. The 1500R screen curvature provides a truly immersive viewing experience that lets you enjoy big, bold and stunning panoramic views....
$250.00 $217.00
ViewSonic VG2748 27 inch Advanced Ergonomics Business Monitor
OVERVIEW ViewSonic VG2748 is a 27" (27" viewable) 1080p monitor with productivity enhancing features including IPS technology and an advanced ergonomic design for the modern day office. Utilising SuperClear® IPS panel technology and 1080p resolution, VG2748 delivers crisp, clear images...
$300.00 $260.00

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